TRANSCO - Your partner for customs clearance

The right document at the right time at the right place: then customs clearance runs smoothly!


Since the customs regulations are subject to ongoing changes and the customs clearance is very often a difficult pinhole in cross-border goods traffic, we are your specialist and offer you the creation and processing of export and import customs clearances.


We help you save time, nerves and money at a border crossing.


Because of the AEO F certification of the TRANSCO group we are able to reduce your time at the customs to a minimum. Through the use of state-of-the-art IT procedures and motivated employees, who are familiar with all European customs procedures, we ensure you a simple border crossing. 

At these customs locations our employees advise and support you personally - Door to door with the customs:

Customs office Kreuzlingen GZA • Customs office Thayngen • Customs office Basel motorway


At all other important borders, we are represented by reliable and neutral partners.

We support you with customs clearance!

  • Consulting

    TRANSCO supports and advises you on all questions relating to the cross-border transport. You can rely on a partner with many years of experience, who has all the prerequisites to process the customs handling together with you quickly and easily.

  • Import

    Whether you need a goods transport within the EU or an import from a non-EU state - we are your competent partner. Both the internet customs declaration (IZA) by the ATLAS technical procedures as well as the import clearance with the Swiss EDEC system belong to our service.

  • Export

    Also the export of goods to a non-EU state requires the clearance through customs. We are happy to assist you with your export declaration. We are the professional on your side for export clearances and EU customs clearances with the ATLAS system as well as the EDEC or the NCTS system.